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Sunday 30/07/00

The Trials, well first on is "Arnold, Arnold Terminegger", we are up against "Judge Mech", a very robust tracked robot with a nasty spinning weapon on the front powered with a two stroke engine. We are in the holding pens, minutes from driving on to the stage and discover that we have lost reverse on one wheel. We decided that this would be our only chance and so decide to carry on. To help we switched Arnold to half power and go out on to the stage/arena. Losing reverse on one wheel means we cannot turn in one direction, we can only turn anti-clockwise.

Three, Two, One Activate, we meet in the middle of the arena, Judge Mech's rotating weapon is not working, Phew! We collide and luckily our lifter gets under Judge Mech and we managed to lift them up to a 45 degree angle. They keep driving forward onto us and you could see showers of Polycarbonate sawdust coming off Arnold's Glasses as Judge Mech tracks rubs on them. Fortunately the glasses are only cosmetic. We tried pushing them around but found that their rear was jamming on the stage so we let them down, and we ended up pushing each other around the stage, with us only doing anti-clockwise turns. At the far side of the stage Judge Mech lost control and we managed to lift them again but not as well as the first time, the lifter seems sluggish but it is now the end. That was fun despite the no reverse on one wheel, and even better, we had won. I then went to collect Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and my son tells the audience that Arnold is "full of mechanical parts".

No chance to see why the lifter became sluggish, or why we had no reverse on one wheel as we were straight back in with "Miss Struts"; we are up against the "Destructor Bubble", a large sphere with a low level spike, it is difficult to see how we can attack each other.

Three, Two, One, Activate, "Miss Struts" creeps forward, we meet head on, we tried Miss Struts' lifter but it is not big enough to reach under the Bubble. The Destructor Bubble tries pushing us around but to no avail, they change their srtategy and come in from the side between the legs and retried pushing us, again to no avail, we lean into their push. Then bad news a house robot aids the Destructor Bubble and starts pushing the Bubble onto us, we lean some more into the push, again we are holding our own but oops adjusted the lean too much and Miss Struts leans to the opposite side, we correct this but it's too late and Miss Struts is inexorably pushed into the pit, head first she disappears down the hole. The Destructor Bubble wins.

When we recovered Miss Struts from the pit, there was a lovely pool of hydraulic oil on the stage.

Back Home

When we got back home we check out our machines for damage.

Miss Struts was fine and just needed topping up with hydraulic oil. For Arnold we found the Linear Actuator was faulty. The roll pin which attaches the main drive gear to the threaded shaft had sheared. This was easily repaired with some thing more robust.... a nail.

Friday 4th August

We have been testing and preparing Arnold all week and finally today managed to destroy the linear Actuator. The gear box casing had split open. Ahhhhhhhh........

Saturday 5th

Phoned Mentorn to see if they will be using our Robots. Yes, Yes, Yess.... Arnold, Arnold Terminegger is in, but sadly Miss Struts is not.

So we then spent the weekend removing the winch from Miss Struts and installing it in Arnold, Arnold Terminegger, to replace the now defunct Linear Actuator. Hey now that is nice, it outstrips the linear actuator for power, it is completely over the top.

eyeeye - robots - arnold arnold terminegger - winch from front eyeeye - robots - arnold arnold terminegger - winch from rear

 Arnold, Arnold Terminegger now sporting his new winch, steel cables, and pulleys for powering the lifter and self-righter.

Bad news is, in my hurry to get things done I forgot to use safety goggles using the angle grinder and now have something in my eye. My advise to everyone, however much you are in a hurry, use your tools safely.

Monday 7th

Eye now extremely painful so down to the Accident and Emergency unit at the Hospital. Partial relief, lets hope it is okay by Thursday, the filming of Arnold's heat for Robot Wars.


Heat N

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