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Thursday 10th - Robot Wars Heat-N

Our first round was a three way Melee with Rambot, a low, very fast and powerful wedge, and Behemoth a brightly coloured Bulldozer style roller with a quick and high lifter.

Round One

"Three, Two, One Activate", we decided that we could do very little to Rambot, if we flipped them they would be able to continue as if nothing had happened, so from the start we concentrated our attacks on Behemoth. Very quickly we managed to get our lifter under Behemoth and nearly flipped them but our control is not good enough and we turned the wrong way and let them drop to the ground, we continued taking on Behemoth, while Rambot careered around the arena only occasionally making contact with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger or Behemoth. Behemoth managed to flip us quite a few times, but our self-righting system worked very well for us and we were back on our wheels quite swiftly. We managed to lift Behemoth a second time but again did not manage to follow through and flip them. By now we were getting close to the end of the battle, and Rambot continued to career about the arena, with a final tussle on the arena wall where Rambot had Arnold sitting on them, our wheels not on the ground, and Behemoth lifting Rambot, all three robots manged to split up and then, "cease".

It is a judges decision, it was quite clear that Behemoth had got through, but who was going to be the other, there was a long wait then Yes we had done it:) "Arnold, Arnold Terminegger" was though to the next round.

During the battle, the centres of the pulleys which pull the lifter down, broke, we did not have replacements and so replaced the wheel of the pulleys with some Aluminium tube, we also, while waiting for the next round, recharged the batteries.

Round Two

We were up against "X-Terminator" a wheeled robot with a lifter which is interchangeable with an axe, a front scoop and side arms for self righting. They are physically twice the dimensions of "Arnold, Arnold, Terminegger".

"Three, Two, One Activate" X-Terminator bears down on Arnold very quickly, which begins five minutes of Arnold being shoved around the arena. Their front shovel lifts our wheels off the ground very easily, so each time they did this we would try spinning Arnold so that when he came off the shovel we could spin around and attempt to get the lifting forks under the side of "X-Terminator". Early on in the match we did manage to flip them onto their side but like fools we stood back and let them self-right instead of continuing the attack. About mid-way through the battle "X-Terminator" started pushing us into the arena walls at full speed, on the third time our lifter forks got bent so we could no-longer get them low enough to get under our opponent. During this they used their axe on us, it did no damage at all apart from a few scratches and dints in the lifter arms. Towards the end of the match we started using the lifter on their axe, which seemed to cause them problems. Then the match was over and another judges decision which was deservedly given to "X-Terminator". On speaking to the judges afterwards they told us we were not aggressive enough. Umm... well that's going to change from now on:)

Eyeeye - Robots - Arnold Arnold Terminegger - After Robot Wars series four

Arnold, Arnold Termineggers return from Robot Was UK Series 4. This picture shows the bent lifting forks.

Post Round Two

Well we are out for now, we have had a lot of fun with "Arnold, Arnold Terminegger" much more than with the walkers. We have also come away with some insights on things we need to do, to improve him.

The first improvement has been the re-enforcement of the lifter forks, which we did before the Annihilator and Sumo rounds a few days later where we were acting as a standby robot.

The control system needs to be improved, "Arnold, Arnold Terminegger" is very difficult to drive in a straight line and we kept over correcting and so turning too far, or at high speed he would spin out on us. Most of the time we had to keep him going slowly by reducing the power, that's no fun.

We are used to driving walkers where turning and arriving somewhere can be considered as taking minutes and so you do not need think too hard about the driving and can concentrate on adjusting the walking parameters to keep walking. Not so with the rollers, so we will be out there practising our driving, and spending a bit more time considering our tactics.

Friday 11th

Remember the visit to the hospital on Monday, well back again to remove the rest of the metal particles from my eye as it could not be all removed on Monday, final relief. I shall say it again use your tools SAFELY I can assure you it is no pleasure having your eye sore and smarting all week. It was a good job our costumes included dark glasses.

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