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 Arnold, A Terminegger

 These page's describe "Arnold, A Terminegger" our entry into UK Robotwars 2001.

Arnold, A Terminegger is is a heavy weight wheeled robot with a powerful lifter.

 Team Name: Eyeeye

Arnold, A Terminegger 

Team Leader: Ian (Me)

Member One: Holly (My daughter)

Member Two: Steff (My Wife)

Eyeeye - Robots - Arnold, A Terminegger Small Picture

 Basic information...

 Tech information

Progress to date

Robot Wars Series 5 (2001)

Well we did not qualify for Robot Wars Series 5, but never fear we are working on our next machine for next year and 'we will be back!'

Robot Wars Extreme


Good News we are back, and have just finished competing in Robot Wars Extreme.


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