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It was another early morning collecting a trailer to take Miss Struts and Jim Struts to the Bledlow school fete, we still have transport problems. But it was a glorious morning and we managed to load Miss Struts and Jim Struts with all our odds and ends and set off for Bledlow Ridge. On arrival we were met by Kim saying only we could turn up with such large Robots. I not sure about this, the footprint of Miss Struts and Jim Struts is fairly similar to most of the other robots, ours are just a lot taller.

There was two demonstrations during the day by the robots and Miss Struts worked reasonably well in both. The rubber toes did not cause any problems with the walking and so we will be keeping them.

During the first demonstration Panic attack ran into one of the legs of Miss Struts and she seemed to jump into the air keeping one foot on the ground and rotated about ninety degrees, and landed safely on all four feet. Then continue walking, there was a few sharp intakes of breath from the crowd, then relief as Miss Struts continued walking.

During the second demonstration after about couple of minutes Griffon successfully lifted Miss Struts at the front and then with a little shove managed to push her over on to her end where the engine stopped running and as she continued to roll from her end and fall on to her back you could her the audience going "oooooh!" and then the crash as she hit the ground. After a few moments we gathered our thoughts and could see she was spilling hydraulic oil on to the playground so with the help of a few others we rolled her on to her feet, and got out of the arena so the others could continue.

After the demonstration had finished we wiped off some of the oil from her and did a quick test run, yes she was still working but due to the loss of oil, what was left in her started frothing so we had to stop. Umm.. perhaps we are running the oil level too close to the minimum, not much oil was spilt, half a litre to three quarters of a litre! (It look a lot worse on the playground).

It was a highly enjoyable day, and we took away a lot of insights and experience of how Miss Struts will perform against the rollers. Thank you Eddie for inviting us.

My apoligies to the Roboteers whose Robots I failed to get pictures of (Panda Monium, Pants and Corporal Punishment).

No pressure...

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