Miss Calvin-Can - March 17th


Finally finished milling the mounting blocks which attach the arms to the winches. The mounting blocks have allowed us to attach the arms to the winches without damaging or modifying the winch drum.

Cut out in shoulders for mounting the electronics for controlling the arms.

Material cut out for building head

While creating the cut out in the shoulders and cutting out the sheet steel for the head, the CNC machine was cutting out some of the precision parts for the hand. It has taken about a week on the CNC machine to create the parts to build the hand, making the mounting plates which attach the hand to the arm and hold the gears within the arm.

The hand temporally clamped to the arm to give an illustration of what it should look like. We are still debating if the arm is too long (It is within the tech guide lines). Miss Calvin-Can is leaning due to the uneven floor of my garage, (one of the wheels of the trolley she is sitting on is in a hole!)


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