Miss Calvin-Can - April 1st


 The slip rings shown mounted below the main drive gear on the underside of the shoulders.

Miss Calvin-Can from the front

 A second motor has been added to drive the shoulders, one of these freebie motors did not have sufficient power.

Miss Calvin-Cans cosmetic body starts gain some shape.

Miss Calvin-Can viewed from her right
 You can just see the main power link in the middle of her back, like part of a spine. This type of link is a Busbar fuse holder, rated at 150 Amps, we have successfully used this type of power link on Arnold, Arnold Terminegger.

Miss Calvin-Can from the back
 Viewed from the back, the head mounting bracket is not complete. The yellow square in the spine is the power link.

Keep watching this picture to see paint dry...
It is the end of the long weekend and so we have dismantled Miss Calvin-Can to paint some of my welding black, and to paint the cross sections silver. It takes about an hour an a half from this point to reassemble her to the previous pictures.

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