What is Robot Wars

 'Robot Wars' is a registered trade mark.

What is Robot Wars

Robot Wars was a annual competition for robot fighting machines. The robots are in the weight range of a few kilograms to 200 Kilograms, and are generally operated by radio remote control. The competition is based around a series of elimination rounds, then the finalist are put in an arena and violently battle it out until there is only one left moving.

At this moment the TV version in the UK and USA are no longer recorded, however the UK roboteers have come together to form the Fighting Robots Assocation (FRA), and have published a set of rules which Roboteers can use. They have also set up guidelines on saftey requirements for Live events, and there are regular live events occuring around the UK nearly every couple of weeks.

http://www.battlebots.com 'Battlebots' a very popular USA competition for combat robots.

http://www.roamingrobots.co.uk/  'UK Live events services.

http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/ 'The Fighting Robot Association


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