First half of October

Not much has happened during this part of October. We gave a demonstration of Jim Struts to some friends and neighbours and broke one of the fore legs of Jim. The wood broke but the steel strip in the fore leg kept Jim Struts working. This will be fixed during November. We have in fact got a lot of worked planned on the legs during November to strengthen the hypotenuse of the leg triangles which are suffering from compression forces bending the steel strips.

We have also worked out potentially a new walking sequence for Jim Struts, but to try it we will need to replace the computer card in 'Eddie' and do a complete rewrite of the walking software. The new walking sequence will hopefully also work on our New Robot "Miss Struts" for Robot Wars UK series three.

We will start a diary for Miss Struts in the near future. To accommodate this the front page to the Eyeeye Web site Robot section will be redesigned.

Jim Struts has gone mouldy...


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