Second half of November

  Not much has happened over the last month, we have been redecorating our front room so it has not been possible to do much with Jim Struts. The thought designs of Miss Struts continue.

  We will be taking Jim Struts to a charity event on the 12th of December, in South Wales hosted by the 'Panic Attack's team, quite a lot of other robots and teams will be going, should be a lot of fun.

  To get Jim Struts ready for the charity event, we have thrown a lot of junk out of the garage and moved Jim Struts in, will still have to work on him in the open air. When we moved Jim from under the tarpaulins in the relegated position in the garden, we discovered that Jim Struts has gone mouldy. Ahhhhhh!

  The mould has grown on the inside on the surface of the plywood. next weekend we will hopefully remove the legs and engine and creosote the wood (even less flame proof), and start fixing the broken leg.

  We now have enough bits to construct a new computer card to try an alternative walking style. The main differences on the board will be:-

  Switch mode PSU instead of a linear PSU. This should extend the running time on a single set of batteries by about a minute and allow the CPU board to run at a much lower supply.
  A Single MicroChip 16C77 to control the legs. This will allow all four legs to be controlled by one CPU and so have a much closer interaction between the legs. Lets hope we can get the code for it efficient enough to be able to control all of the legs simultaneously.

Third week of November

  Have spent this last week removing Jim Struts legs, and engine and have creosoted the inside, the mould is now dead.

  When we moved into our house I always said that I should put some permanent power in the garage, seventeen years later job achieved. I can now use my power tools at the garage(not inside as there is no room). Have spent the rest of the weekend cutting and drilling metal to replace the weak fore legs and the triangle in the legs, hypoteneuse.

 Have managed to fit the new bits to two of the legs and they are looking good.

 Have started construction of new CPU board, most of the components have been mounted, just a few more required , then I can start wiring them together.

Fourth week of November

 We have now completed the modifications to the legs, but have not refitted them yet.

 Have been working also on the Hydraulics, and have fitted some stop valves to the pressure side of the control valves. We do not know if this will resolve some of the problems we have had, but it has created a new problem in that they create a slightly higher load on the pump when starting the engine and it is now quite a struggle to get the engine running from cold. Oh........

 Work on the replacement CPU card continues, it is missing four diodes at the moment and we have started the wiring of it  In anticipation that the new walking style we have added some more circuitry on the remote control unit which will allow some additional switches to be added, if and when required.

We have also started repainting Jim as his fine suit has been ruined by the weather.

The paint will not dry...

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