The paint will not dry...


First Week of December

The painting we did over last weekend looks good but the paint will not dry. This is because the weather is cold. The paint is meant to dry in two hours, it's now two days since we started painting and it is still not dry. This is a problem as my garage is to cramped and too draughty to heat up. Not sure what we are going to do as we need the paint to be dry before we refit the legs!!!!!

Have continued wiring of the new CPU card and nearly have it complete.

Second Week of December

Have stopped painting and have being doing some other things.

The legs are now back on and the changes we have made to them seems to be okay. Have had a few problems, when fitting the legs Jim was on his side and oil in the engine seeped via the carburettor into the air filter. The engine would not run very well until the air filter was cleaned. Then in the process of fitting the legs, one of the sensors got broken and Jim would not walk on one side. The sensor has been replaced and we have successfully had Jim walking.

The new CPU card is now complete, but have been struggling to get some software on it (The new software will not be ready for the charity event in South Wales).

Jim Struts was heavy before he is even more so now as he now has bigger batteries for "Panic Attacks" charity event in Wales, and if all goes well some fun equipment to amuse the children.

As usual we have been having a very mixed time getting the last minute things ready for going to South Wales. The Tx/Rx system went intermittent, this was finally traced down to some broken wires in the transmitter, some some what dubious programming for the receiver pic chip, and the antenna making intermittent contact on its connector. The final fault been fixed about half and hour before setting off for Wales.

We are off to South Wales...


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