We are off to South Wales...


We are off to South Wales...

 Two and half hours later we arrived at the hotel to be greeted with about 20-30 roboteers in the lobby sitting around a single tiny table. We checked in and returned to the lobby and then spent the next two hours drinking and talking.

 Next morning we took ourselves and Jim to the school unloaded him with the help of the older children, they were a bit surprised by Jim's size and weight but still helped, "Thank you". We were put next to Plunderbird two and Roadblock and Cassius which was nice and 'Sir Killolot' was also in the same hall where the children were getting their photo's taken with him.

 About an hour later we took Jim Struts out to the arena. It was built with a scaffold pole perimeter with bales of straw all around the edge. We were the first to have a robot do a demo. Fortunately Jim started well and the comms problems we had the previous day did not reoccur. We walked Jim about the perimeter of the arena and had a go at the ramp. We could get on to the ramp okay but could not walk up it as the feet would just slip on it. We kicked off a few of the carbide sanding discs which were stuck on the ramp surface, in the process. I now regret taking off the car tyre toes which would probably have given us enough grip to go up the ramp, shame. We then backed off the ramp and continued around the arena. Just as we completed one circuit of the arena (it took about three minutes), Jim stopped walking, even though we still had individual leg control. We took Jim out of the arena so other robots could give demonstrations. The problem was caused by a flat battery stopping the analogue to digital convertors working correctly. The battery was a second hand one and looks like it was too second hand and is now destined for the scrap heap. We replaced the batteries and all came good. But there were now plenty of other robots waiting to do demo',s. We watched an impressive demonstration by Robo Doc, followed by Panic Attack inflicting lots of damage to ORAC, and then Cassius repeatedly flipping Panic Attack. It looked like we would not be able to have a second strut about the arena so we returned Jim back to the hall.

 The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to the public, the other roboteers, members of the Mentorn TV crew and the TV program Judges. We also amused the children with the temporary voice we had installed in Jim Struts just for this event, found very few wanted to record their own voice to be blasted around the hall which was bit of a shame.

 At the wind up of the day Jim's feet were in odd positions, so we ran him for a couple of minutes in the car park, this gave a few roboteers (who did not see him in the arena) the chance to see him stomp around.

 All in all we had a fun time, and thank you to Kim Davis and the Panic Attack team for organising a great day.



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