Third week of December

From the charity event in South Wales we have come to the following conclusions about some of the changes we have made to Jim:-

The stop valves have made a significant improvement to the walking.

The changes we made in the legs has reduced the wear on the wooden guides, and the main triangle seems to be taking the forces okay. These changes made no net changes to the weight so this is all good.

Second hand batteries need thoroughly checking out. The one that stopped Jim in the arena could not hold 8-12 volts for more than three minutes, with one of the cells getting very hot.

Cleaning the oil from the Air filter has improved the engine power significantly. We suspect that we have a lot more power than during the TV recordings! (Need to do some more checks on this.)

The rubber tread in the centre of the feet improve the steering, but loses too much grip.(Could not get up the ramp)

The audio system PA should of been on a separate battery. The PA had a high standing current.

The PA was not loud enough to hear Jim's temporary voice over the engine.

The trolley is two high and not wide enough and too heavy.


More damage...

 We did a demo of Jim Struts to some friends this weekend and in the process did some more damaged. The timber which acts as the anchor for the inner left leg broke. This was caused by the pin which acts as a hinge worked out, and so was only supported on one side. The pin ended up been very bent, and the timber which it was still in was well and truly broken.

Eyeeye - Robots - Jim Struts - Broken timber
  This picture shows some of the damage. The grey block is the leg counter lever and is meant to be between the the two timbers on the right hand side. You can see the broken timber on the bottom right hand side. The 8mm bent pin is hidden by the speckled cord but it is coming out of the leg counter lever at 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

 The timber has now been replaced and the leg has been refitted, unfortunately Christmas preparations has halted work so the leg position sensor has not been refitted.


 We managed to find a few moments to refit the leg sensor and in the process found that it was intermit, we suspect that this was caused by hydraulic fluid getting in it.  Anyway the sensor was replaced and refitted, it was not easy as you have to be a contortionist to clip it in.

The results of this work was we managed to do a demonstration of Jim Struts on Christmas day for our Christmas guests. We discovered that he walked much better in the mud by having long steps instead of short steps.

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