Jim Struts Video

 To see the video click on the page title above or the Real Producer icon below. It shows about 18 seconds of Jim Struts walking(345kbytes). In this particular configuration he had a Vanguard 4hp Briggs and Stratton engine. The hydraulics did not have the stop valves, but this particular clip does not show that particular problem, the demand for oil been greater than what can be supplied.

As Jim Struts turns we adjust the tilt, so that he remains approximately horizontal, compensating for the tilt of the garden.

Despite the rocking of his body, he is surprisingly stable. Most times when he fell over was because we where operating the legs manually, such if you extend one of the inner legs to it's maximum extent, and the legs on the opposite side where at the minimum height, the momentum gained by the body would flip him on to his side.

The rocking was mainly caused by the left legs operating independently of the right legs. When ever the left and right legs where operating almost synchronously the rocking was much reduced and the forward or backward motion would be much improved.


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