The Beginning...

 On one Friday evening back in March I arrive home from work, feeling tired and un-enthusiastic, to be bombarded with, daddy we saw a TV program of fighting Robots, we want to do it!

I watched the repeat on the Sunday, and was hooked, it looked better fun than battling opponents on Quake or Doom in a death match.

For the next couple of days I sat down doing various sketches and calculations, and thought 'Yes' I could do that.

So then left various messages with the TV company via EMail, Answer phone, and continued designing and calculating.

Towards the end of April I then received the Robot Wars UK club entry form. Instantly filled this in and sent my ten pounds, and waited for my badge and video. By this time I had rough designs for about three different robots.

A week later received an entry form for the competition, no badge or video.

Spent the next week creating some detailed designs of one that looked fun to build, a walker, and then returned the entrance form.

Wow, a few days later a contract arrived!  Still no badge and video though!

Construction Begins...


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