Construction Begins...


Second Week of May

Some orders placed and the hunt for useful materials has begun.

Third Week of May

Have started construction of components for the legs. It has been slow progress as all my tools have been scattered around, presumably wherever I was working last! or so my wife would claim.  We have had an interesting time building some test legs, which on testing has resulted in bent and broken parts. Oops!

On re-examining the weight analysis it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep within the weight budget. Perhaps some creative accountancy is required, or more down to earth, a redesign of some of the detail.

Fourth Week of May

The legs are now nearly complete, still have doubts about their strength, but if I make them stronger Jim would become over weight.

EyeEye - Jim Struts - Construction Begins - Picture of the legs

Have been playing creative accountancy on the weight analysis, and have discovered that by reducing the overall size by a minor amount the weight starts coming in on the correct side. Jim Struts's chassis is now not so long and not so high. The top is still at the designed height.

Have started some of the PIC chip programming, for the remote control.

Have received video and badge for the Robot Wars Club!

Becoming worried about time scales, as Mentorn the TV company hosting the event, want still pictures of progress to date by the 6th of June. I might have a chassis built by then, if I am lucky!!

Have managed to construct most of the main chassis, there are lots of minor things to do to it before it looks half decent or finished. For information the chassis is of a monocoque type eg the body work is the chassis. Now that I have some thing that resembles the original documentation, all my neighbours are keen to see Jim Struts work (Got at least six weeks before he gets powered up, mid July), and the family are keen to decorate him. I usually get "It will never work!" on some of the mad cap things I have built, not this time, so far.....

Under Powered...


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