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First Week of June

Progress has not been as good so far this week. The chassis has been decorated and looks more interesting than the bland cube Jim Struts was. Before we decorated him, he looked like a tea chest on legs. We have taken lots of pictures of what has been constructed so far, and when developed will on send them to Mentorn!

EyeEye - Jim Struts - Under Powered - Picture of Right Hand Side

I have a engine now (a strimmer engine) but on redoing my calculations I have found a error by a factor of two and so am seriously under powered. Jim Struts is not going to be as fast as I intended now. Doh...... It is also proving difficult to gear the engine down to a reasonable speed to get the power! For maximum power output the engine revs at 8500 rpm. The hydraulic pump works in the range of 1000rpm to 3000rpm.

Have sent photos to Mentorn!

To stop worrying about the power and speed I have constructed some metalwork for the remote control. It's looking good.

Second Week of June

Have still not resolved gearing down the engine. Have made up some mounting brackets to attach the feet to the legs. It gets very boring making up 16 brackets about 10x12cm. But can not fit them until the hydraulic rams for the backward and forward motion have arrived.

Have started wiring the electronics for the remote control.

Have a possible solution for gearing down the motor.

Third Week of June

The poor weather we have been having these past two weekends has been causing me havoc with the open air workshop (The Garden).

EyeEye - Jim Struts - Under Covers  Jim Struts under covers to keep out of the rain

As a consequence of the poor weather I have been doing indoor work and have completed my custom remote control panel, and apart from one faulty switch the electronics and software seem to work.

Have started construction of gear box for the under powered, high revving engine.

Fourth Week of June

Have gear box nearly completed and mounted in main chassis with the engine driving the gearbox. The Gearbox needs to be completed before Jim Struts will move though. I have to say that I am concerned about a couple of bearings in the gear box (They are turning in their mounting plates, instead of the shaft turning in them, have to work on this..).

EyeEye - Jim Struts - High Revving Engine and Gearbox Under powered, high revving engine with gear box and hydraulic pump. The plastic bag is keeping grit and dirt out of the gears. The flexible coupling between the gear box and pump is not fitted because the coupling requires some machining.

Have started on the receiver software which rides with 'Jim Struts'.

Last Week of June First Week of July

Have managed to do some machining on the flexible coupling between the gear box and the hydraulic pump, using a 90 year old lathe. Rather like cracking a nut with a sledge hammer. Anyway all went well and have been able to connect the gearbox to the hydraulic pump. But still not ready to power up as a lot of the hydraulic plumbing is not complete. Have not been able to find a suitable reservoir tank for the hydraulic oil.

Due to the intermittent rain on Saturday I started making the computer board which will be on 'Jim Struts'.


Jim Struts moved...


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