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Loading Jim Struts in the Van

We have long known that to get 'Jim Struts' out of the garden and into the van would be a problem. Like the gate is not wide enough. Jim Struts is heavy enough to make man handling in tight spots difficult...

The plan was, spend a little time digging up the gate post 'Ha!' when I originally put the gate in it seemed such a small quantity of concrete. Digging it out proved fruitless. On trying to lever it out with my neighbour, the post broke and I ended up bouncing off the garage wall, on to my back, Ouch! My wife did not laugh as much as she did when I set my fingernail on fire! (But that is another story). Fortunately the post broke at the base and so we could now get Jim Struts out the garden, and loaded in the Van.

Two hours later we arrived at Royal Victoria Docks. Handed in my transmitter, this caused a few problems being a custom box working at 458.5MHz (Had cleared the use of this frequency with their tech people during June).

Registered, then brought Jim Struts in. Luckily there where lots of people to help unload Jim. When weighed Jim came in at 163.5Kgm, should be 136.5Kgm, 27Kgm over weight. Oh dear!

Jim Struts patiently sitting on the weighing machine. The picture is courtesy of Peter Reynolds constructor of ORAC.

Then went for the Technical check. When we opened the lid so that the technical inspector Matt could look, he instantly declared that I had everything from the kitchen in it. Anyway he was happy and let us power Jim Struts up. Seemed to have quite a following by now.

Demonstrated Jim Struts going up and down, waving his legs in the air, failing to walk and nearly falling over. During this I shut the engine down from the remote control. The receiver of course started feeding noise into the data decoder chip and Jim Struts started operating valves randomly, and he went very lopsided, it was a good demo though of the decoder chip shutting Jim Struts down after about 10-15 seconds of RF loss. This caused a few laughs from the observing crowd.

Demonstration of Jim waving his legs in the air and going up and down. I am glad I had my ear defenders on as with the strimmer engine running in the enclosed warehouse it was very noisy. Jim was unable to walk as the software was not complete. The picture is courtesy of Peter Reynolds constructor of ORAC.

Had a chat with Matt, he seemed to think that it would not be sensible to try and reduce the weight, I tend to agree as it is a very wimpy chassis made of plywood. Any further reduction in weight and it would not be able to support his own weight without falling apart.

Then put Jim Struts back in the Van, thank you to all the persons who helped man handle Jim about the venue. We hung about for about half an hour but there did not seem to be much activity so we then came home.

Jim Struts sort of walked...



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