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First week of August

Have received letter from Mentorn. We are in. We are in a walker face off.

We spent the weekend refining some of the walking software,and added a bit to allow Jim Struts to run at angle so that he can cope with the slope in our garden more easily. This meant fixing the broken switch we had in the remote panel a while back.

Have managed to get my hands on a trolley which was been thrown out, with a bit of work it should be suitable for transporting Jim Struts about the venue. It is hopefully more appropriate than the one we had for the weigh in, which we had borrowed.

Kerry has rubbed down the tatty and rusty trolley and given it a coat of paint, and it is looking very smart now. Have replaced the wheels and it is looking good.

Second Week of August

Social calendar a bit busy this weekend, congratulations Sarah and Jonathan, so have not done much this week end. We did have a bit of time playing. We tried getting Jim Struts to step up a step. The results were he fell over yet again. We were videoing it but just as he was tipping over the video stopped!!! We have located a replacement engine, if it arrives in time we will replace the high revving low power engine with something more suitable to the task.

EyeEye - Jim Struts - Old Engine  
 This picture shows the insides of Jim Struts before the replacement engine is fitted.    Jim Struts and the replacement engine. This picture was taken when we where dismantling Jim and so all the electronics are missing and the hydraulic hose's are not conected to the rams.

Third Week of August

Okay we spent the weekend fitting the new engine. We managed to install it so that it does not stick out the top (no power bulge). We have had a few initial problems which meant the engine has been taken in and out a number of times as the engine would cut out after a few minutes running. We traced this to a suspect sensor on the engine. We also have difficulty starting it due to the hydraulic pump having a high initial load, but we have a work around for this so should be okay.

We did a test run on Monday. Jim Struts goes faster, but looks absolutely demented. Despite having car tyre on the under side of his feet, the feet slip on the ground and the main cabinet rocks about looking like he is about to fall over. Well the slope in the garden got to him and he fell over, the Hydraulic reservoir top came off. There was oil everywhere, now working on making sure the top does not come off.

Fourth Week of August

Hydraulic reservoir has now been replaced and should be a bit tougher than the previous one. We did some more testing this weekend and because of the increased speed, Jim Struts is borderline dynamic walking, and hence becomes unstable. We are working on software to reduce the instablility.

One day before the event and have been testing some reworked walking software. I managed to get the walking cycle upside down and Jim Struts started a severe rolling action side to side, and in the process broke a supporting timber for some of the Rams and bent some of the metal in the triangle within the leg. Fixed the software, replaced the broken timber and did some emergency fixing of the legs with wooden spacers and tywraps. On retesting performed reasonably well and reduced the instability (still not very quick). We then worked late into the evening screwing on panels and loading Jim Struts into the Van, and sorting out tools and spares, the rejuvenated trolley made this process much easier.

We are now off to battle.......


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