We are now off to battle...


Last week of August Mid Week

We are now off to Battle and this is our story:-

  On the words 'standby' we stood Jim Struts up and then down, well they did say 'stand'.  The battle started we were in a melee with four other wheeled robots, "Lateral Thought", "Fork Lift", "Bumblebot", and "Malice".  We started walking towards the centre of the arena, in the mean time the other robots rushed towards each other avoiding Jim Struts, and they strayed into the patrol zone where they collided.  Naturally the House robots set into action and started demolishing the robots that had gone into the patrol zone.  After a lot of destruction by the house robots, we caught up with Bumblebot and tried walking onto him but Bumblebot got jammed in the legs, we could not walk any further forward.  We then start raising and lowering Jim, apparently we were sitting on Bumblebot we did not know this until the judges told us afterward.  Since we could not walk onto Bumblebot we tried picking him up with the feet and kicking, we should have practised this manoeuvre before, as again we failed.  We then backed off from Bumblebot and started walking towards Sargent Bash.  Of course Bash did his stuff and blasted us with his flame thrower, from our vantage point this looked really good watching the flames bounce off the face of Jim Struts.  Decided that going for Bash was a bad idea, with seven litres of hot hydraulic oil it would have made a major fire and ruined the hydraulics.  Bumblebot did not seemed to be moving and was not in the patrol zone so we returned to him. By now we were nearing the end of the battle and as we approached Bumblebot, Sir Killerlot came up behind us with Dead Metal at the front.  Not sure what happened but I suspect that Sir Killerlot's lance punched a hole in the front panel.  He then started moving away. We attempted to catch up with him but he was too quick so we gave up and returned to Bumblebot and then shortly later it was the end of the round.  We were all bemused as to who had won.  We were the only robot that was moving at the end but we had not inflicted a lot of damage to the other robots because we could not keep up with them, and because the other robots in avoiding us had entered the patrol zone and got destroyed by the house robots.  We did not need to wait long for the Judges decision.  We had won, we were amazed...  On speaking to the judges later they had decided that we were aggressive even though we could not keep up with anyone, we were trying to fight, and we were the last robot moving.  We are not complaining and are very happy with the decision.

 Heavyweight Reserve Champions 1998

 Only Fork Lift and Bumblebot tried attacking us.  I think Jim Struts weight was a tad too much for Fork Lift.  Bumblebot's hammer left a nice scrap across the left side polycarbonate panel.  Some where in the proceedings the outer leg guide broke on the left side but the polycarbonate sheet held it in place, we suspect this happened when Bumblebot got tangled in the legs.

 For those who saw Jim on TV they may of noticed the walking action was not very smooth.  We found a bug in the software about three months after the battle, where if the step length is short (as we had it for the recording) then the foot on the ground at mid-stroke would double back on it's self briefly and then resume in the correct direction.


Thank you to all those who helped lift Jim Struts on and off his trolley and in and out of our van.


Broadcast Dates

Robot Wars series 1 was repeated on BBC2 during September and October 1998 on Sundays.

Robot Wars series 2 was broadcast on BBC2 at 1845 from Friday 6th November 1998 through to March 21st 1999, and was repeated on Sundays.

Robot Wars Revealed a documentary series on Robot Wars was broadcast on BBC Choice and mirrored the BBC2 programs.

Jim Struts was broadcast on Friday 12/03/99 in "Robot Wars: The Grudge matches" and repeated on Sunday 14/03/99


After the battle...


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