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First Week of February 1999

 We have decided to stop playing with the software to prove if we can make "Miss Struts" walk, and have started the construction of her.   This is a big risk as the walking for Miss Struts is significantly more complex than "Jim Struts", the other big risk we are taking is the weight, the hydraulics and electronics come in at at about 97 kgm's, this leaves about 40 kgm's to make legs, a chassis and some armour.  Despite these risks we believe we have a design which will work, it just will not be very robust, a wimp!

 So we have made a start on Miss Struts construction, and have started cutting up materials for the legs.  It looks like the position sensors are going to be very awkward to fit.  Jim Struts demise has also started, we have removed his legs and stripped them down for the Hydraulic cylinders and the metal strip for redeployment in Miss Struts.  Eddie the on board computer and all the cabling have been removed from Jim, we hope to use this for testing the software in the house.  We can not start construction of the chassis as we are waiting for materials to arrive.

 Jim Struts

Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - Jim Struts Legless Eyeeye - Robots -Miss Struts - Jim Struts gutless

 ... and gutless.

Second Week of February

 We have had a busy weekend on Miss Struts. As with Jim we have been in mass production for components for the legs and chassis.  It's very boring mass producing twenty four identical items.  The result is we have nearly finished the legs, and made good progress on the chassis.  To complete the legs we need to do some machining for some bushes, and work out how to fit the sensors.  Working with aluminium is a lot easier than stainless steel!  We also removed the engine and the rest of the hydraulics from Jim.

 Took the opportunity to weigh the cabinet of Jim Struts ....36 kgm's.  Our calculations had it at 42 kgm's, we suspect the difference is because the sides, top, and bottom panels are missing, which would indicate the calculated weight was quite close.  It also confirms that the hydraulics and electronics are close to 97 kgm's.

Third Week of February

We have not done a lot physically to Miss Struts this weekend due to social events. We in fact had a second Christmas day which was great fun, we can highly recommend having two Christmas per year, thank you Peter. We did do some work and started to develop the data for the look up walking tables. These tables are been calculated on a PC using a home brewed program written in Pascal(Delphi).

Fourth Week of February

Have made good progress and have got the bulk of the chassis built. If you put a satellite dish on it could look like the structure to part of the proposed international space station!!!

Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - The beginings of the chassis

  Miss Struts chassis or is it part of the space station?

  Err how do you attach legs to this?

 The chassis weighs 12 kgms which is within our predictions, ummmm nice to see the science work.

 We have also fitted the legs and she looks 'weird', the leg fixings do not look up to the job so we have not put up a photo of her with legs as we will be changing this.

 We ran out of room in the garage and were forced into dismantling "Jim Struts" chassis, which is now stored in flat pack form, while "Miss Struts now sits on the trolley.  She does not fit on the trolley too well so we may have to make a custom one for her.

Last weekend of February

 We have not made as good a progress as we planned for this weekend, but despite not getting all achieved the results of what has been done is good.

 The first thing we did was build a custom trolley as it was proving very difficulty to work on the leg mounting systems.

Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - The custom trolley

  The trolley, rumours are it is better than the robot!

 We then had a go at reworking the leg mounting systems, this was surprisingly more complex and difficult than expected but the results are that Miss Struts is now more stable and the mountings should be able to take her full weight.

  Miss Struts sitting on her trolley

Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - Miss Struts on her Trolley

Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - Load test of Chassis

  Load test!!


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