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First Weekend of June 1999

To stop worrying about if we got through the auditions for the competition, we started work on re-assembling Jim Struts for the Bledlow Ridge School fete. It was bit like making up a kitchen unit as he was in flat pack form. We have used some plywood to replace the hydraulic rams and so the feet/legs are in fixed positions. The paint work is a bit tatty and all the screw heads show up but he is significantly lighter than a year ago due to the lack of any innards.

Jim Struts. If he started walking now he might get to Bedlow Ridge by the end of the month. Or should that be at a gallop.
Eyeeye - Robots - Miss Struts - The reassembled Jim Struts

We have not been idle with Miss Struts and have started reworking the mounting of some of the sensors, and trying to iron out some bugs in the software. We have also been trying to come up with some weapons for her as we seem to have a few spare kilograms, but on talking to Derek Foxwell he did not like what we were proposing, so back to the thought designs.

Second Week of June

Received letter from Mentorn, we passed the auditions and have moved on to the next stage of selection, and the filming has been delayed by about a month.

This weekend was busy with social events of which we all had a lot of fun thank you Jane, and congratulations Fiona and Steven.

We did do some work to Miss Struts and the remounting of the sensors is now complete, not the best of engineering but more than adequately functional. Finally traced a hydraulic oil leak to the reservoir tank which seems to have a broken neck on the storage jar. Ummm...! not sure how this has happened it's a bit disappointing, so yet again we are on the look out for a replacement reservoir tank.

Third Week of June - Unwanted Software features....

We started the weekend working on some unwanted software features.

The first was every now and again Miss Struts would stop walking for no logical reason, this was finally traced to the data been passed from the receiver data decoder chip to the walking control chip becoming corrupt, eg the code to read the 9 bit data bus was a bit naff. Reprogrammed and now okay.

The other unwanted feature was when Miss Struts stops walking, the feet move so that all four our touching the ground, the code was working to do this, but not reliably! We traced this to not setting some registers correctly within the stop walking routines. It now works very nicely.

The broken reservoir tank is now replaced and at present we do not seem to have any hydraulic oil leaks. Yippee.....

Bledlow School Fete

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