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First Weekend of July 1999

This report is a bit belated but here goes. We have been doing some minor maintenance to Miss Struts. The first problem has been the control cables from the legs to the sensors, the outer sleeving clamps at the sensor end were failing. This has been fixed rather crudely with some self tapping screws. We then found some metal fatigue in some parts of the chassis, these bits have been replaced and beefed up so hopefully will not cause the same problem. Finally noticed some damage from her acrobatics at Bledlow Ridge, the silencer on the engine is bent, not badly it does not leak so we will leave it as is. We did some test runs and all was going very well, when suddenly the engine sped up and the walking became very lethargic, she hardly had the effort to lift herself. The oil was still swishing through the reservoir tank so the conclusion was there was no pressure..

There was no obvious signs of oil leaking out of the high pressure side of the hydraulics, so investigations started with the pressure relief valve. On removing the relief valve and spilling a lot of oil, there were no obvious signs of a problem. We then dismantled the valve, still nothing obvious.

The dismantled pressure relief valve (The spring is not that powerful!)

We then noticed a tiny orange dot in the middle of one end of the little piston. On closer examination this was revealed to be a tiny piece of hermetite lodged in a tiny hole.

 You can just see the hole in the centre of the piston.

Then with great care we removed the tiny piece of hermetite and reassembled the valve, and proceeded to do some tests. Phew.. the pressure is back and Miss Struts has resumed prancing about.

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