The Battle...

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 Well we went to Elstree, and this is our story of what happened.

"Roboteers Stand By", "three", "two", "one", "Activate", we started walking towards Stomp. Stomp takes a step towards Miss Struts, ooh er, Stomp is a lot quicker than us, we keep walking towards Stomp, Stomp seems to be waiting for us, as it turned out the drive from one of its motors had broken and they would not be taking any more steps during this battle. As we approach, Stomp starts spinning on their steering disc. Umm we were not expecting that, never mind we do a slight turn and continue into the spinning Stomp. Whack Miss Struts is hit by the spinning Stomp, she is knocked to the side by a few centimetres but continues walking into Stomp and brings the spinning to a halt. We then started pushing Stomp, the feet of Miss Struts kept slipping on the ground but we were making progress but no real control over where we were pushing Stomp. About 2 - 3 meters later Stomp was nearly pushed into a patrol zone, but as we could not control where we were pushing, Stomp and Miss Struts started veering away from the patrol zone. There was then a few worrying moments where Miss Struts stepped on a floor spike then when she just stepped off, it came up. We continued pushing Stomp for a bit and ended up near enough where we started pushing Stomp. We can not remember exactly what happened next but we think we backed off and the house robots moved in, we somehow turned around, and moved back in with the rear of Miss Struts, rocking to and fro trying to hit Stomp with our spike. The match was nearly over so we backed off Stomp was not going anywhere, and Dead Metal set into Stomp with his axe. "Cease" Miss Struts then bowed to the audience, we parked the legs and stopped.

Miss Struts and her Battle with Stomp was broadcast on BBC2 on Friday 28th January and repeated on the following Sunday.

Autumn Update...

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