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 Well it has been a long time since we have written what we have been up to and so hear is a quick Autumn Update.

Children in Need

We took Miss Struts down to Plymouth for a charity event for Children in Need and and had a really good time. We took the opportunity to try her without the wide feet, we fitted the wide feet when we where having difficulties at first trying to get her to walk. It was bit more difficult to get the walking parameters correct but once found she walked okay, in the future we will probably not use the wide feet.

Miss Struts had a go at tug of war with "Shrapnel" and because of the slope Miss Struts ended up Ninety degrees to the starting pulling direction, with the rope going round a cable drum, despite this we eventually won, it was a bit slow as the feet kept slipping on the ground. We also let the public have a go at driving her and I think they enjoyed doing this despite Miss Struts slow speed. There was also a Melee which we had a go at, but as usual we could not keep up with anybody. But despite this some robots came to us which was a bit of fun. Suicidal Tendencies had run over all the other robots there, except us, so they tried going under us, we sat on them and brought then to a halt, we then released them and quickly sat on them again, we did not stop them this time and they took us for a ride on top of them we quickly stood up and and Suicidal Tendencies shoot off and we continued walking about. Earlier several robots ran into one of Miss Struts legs at the same time and dragged her around in a circle, Miss Struts showed no sign of tipping up and continued walking afterwards okay. All in all we had a great time, thank you Andy for organising a great evening. There are some videos of some of the action at Plymouth on the Suicdal Tendencies web site.

S ince then we have been very busy and have not done a lot to Miss Struts, but we have been keeping our eyes open for new materials and thought designs for future robots.

Happy New year and Millenium to all our readers.

Miss Struts in 2000 or Tina Treks (Techno Games 2000)

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