Miss Struts in 2000...

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Miss Struts in 2000

Well it has been a long time since we updated these pages, this is not because we have been sitting back. We have in fact been working on rebuilding Miss Struts from her excursion as been Tina Treks, but not that hard. So far we have made a number of improvements which we learnt from Tina Treks. We have changed the way the up and down ram in a leg is anchored to the leg sleeve, this improves the strength of the upper part of the leg with very little change in weight. It has also meant that we have changed how the backwards and forward ram attaches to the top of the leg, instead of a M12 bolt we are now using M12 studding.

Also we have rebuilt the reservoir tank, it now bolts straight on to the pump as we had on Tina Treks but the tank is much smaller to match the engine and pump.

The other change is we are now using a 6hp engine but are having problems with it's reliability.

Fuel Starvation...

Well we think we have fixed the reliability problems with the engine. It looks like it was caused by the fuel tank being too low and so causing fuel starvation. We have raised the tank and now it seems okay, but we will wait and see...

We have also modified the legs where the bungee cord holds the legs on, we have put a thin ploycarbonate sleeve around the leg so that the bungee cord is less likely to be cut on the sharp edges of the legs, it's now wait and see how long the bungee cord lasts.

"Arnold, Arnold Terminegger"

We have also been working on a roller "Arnold. Arnold Terminegger", which is essentially a box on wheels. His construction is going to be very tight for time and we may not have him ready for the trials. So far we have got the basic chassis built and spent the weekend mounting the motors and wheels, this has not been completed as we have not yet received the drive gears.

Miss Struts Panels

We spent this weekend putting the panels on Miss Struts in preparation to taking her to Bledlow Ridge School Fete, next weekend.

Arnolds Gears turned up

"Arnold, Arnold Terminegger" gears turned up and so we spent the rest of the weekend assembling the gear boxes and fitting the motors and wheels to the chassis, and started working on the self righting mechanism. We weighed what was assembled and it is came in 10kgms lighter than predicted, a bit worried about this either our calculation for his weight is wrong or there is a problem with our weighing technique. Umm......

Bledlow Ridge School Fete (24/06/2000)

We took Miss Struts to Bledlow Ridge Fete, the attendance of Robots was not as good as last year, three robots turned up. So we did some ad hoc demos with the two which were working "Miss Struts" and Oops I have forgotten the name but a very low tracked machine which looks really good.

The Savage Toaster turned up but has still quite a bit to do before being in service. We had a good day chatting amongst ourselves and with the crowds. The day came to an abrupt end when it started raining. We put the robots under the trees and cowed with them watching the crowds rapidly leave the fete. Despite the low turn out it was a lot of fun.

Was told during this week that the heavy weight walker weight has now been increased to twice the roller weight e.g. 160Kgms. This is really good as we have been chasing to increase the weight for a long time, but it has caught us out as we have stopped working on Miss Struts as she is now up and walking ready for the Wilson School fete, allowing us time to concentrate on "Arnold, Arnold Terminegger"! Not sure what we are going to do!

Gears not meshing correctly.....

This Sunday we resumed working on Arnold and found the gears were not meshing correctly, so spent the rest of the day modifying the gear boxes. By the end of the day we had improved the meshing but its not one hundred percent, but good enougth.

The power cables on the motors look a bit light....


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