The power cables on the motors look a bit light...

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The power cables on the motors look a bit light... (01/07/2000)

This weekend we spent most of Saturday working on Arnold's power wiring.. The power cables running into the Bosch 750 motors look a bit light to handle the stall currents, ummm.. Have decided to leave them as is. The power cabling is not complete as we did not have the correct fittings to crimp on to the motor tails. So we then spent the rest of the weekend working on Arnolds Armour and started putting the self righting mechanism together.

Wilson School fete

This was a highly enjoyable day, with a very informal atmosphere but well organised and controlled. It was also a first for us in several ways. It was the first time "Miss Struts" had a one on one battle with a wheeled robot, and even thou we lost to a crowd vote, we had an interesting battle against "Stinger" where we sat on them a couple of times and they left some nice long scratches in our armour. It was another first in that it is the first time our team has lost a battle in competition:(

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