Our Day at the races...


Our day at the races

 Tina Treks and Tecumseh in their corral.

Well we got to the start line and then spent a few moments setting up the walking parameters to suit the conditions of the track, and in the process one of the sensors for the back and forward position for the front left leg broke. The tip of the sensor shaft broke off and so disconnected from the leg. In step Matt, Derek and with the help of Chis Sherwood's, (our opponent with Tecumseh a six legged walker) locktite, the sensor was reattached to the leg using the last few threads of the sensor tip.

After this delay to the start, we did not have time to do any more setting up. "Three", "Two" "One", "Go", and we are off, within the first few metres it was neck and neck but we did not have the walking parameters quite right to compensate for the slope across the track and ended up on the barrier. We backed off and with a bit of shunting around managed to get pointed in the correct direction and resumed down the track. By now Tecumseh was well down the track. We managed to get the walking parameters a bit better and Tina Struts walked the middle section quite well, but then we were caught by a gust of wind which swerved Tina Treks on to the left hand barrier about two thirds down the track, with a bit of backing and shunting we ended up on the right hand barrier and pointing the wrong way. By now Tecumseh had won and was returning to do a victory spin. We could not get Tina to turn to face the correct way or realign within the track, so we just reversed up to the finish line, and in the process crossed the barrier, 3 minutes, not very impressive compared to the anticipated 50 seconds. Well done Chris and Tecumseh.

Technogames was broadcast on the following dates with the petrol engine sprint broadcast on Tuesday 21/03/2000.

We did not leave empty handed as we had won the Technology Award which was broadcast on Friday 24/03/2000, umm nice.

 The Technology Award

 Mon 20/03/2000  BBC2 18:20 - 18:50 Techno Games 2000
 Tues 21/03/2000  BBC2 18:25 - 18:55 Techno Games 2000
 Wed 22/03/2000  BBC2 18:45 - 19:30 Techno Games 2000
 Thur 23/03/2000  BBC2 18:25 - 19:15 Techno Games 2000
 Fri 24/03/2000  BBC2 18:00 - 18:45 Robot Wars
   18:45 - 19:30 Techno Games 2000

Miss Struts in 2000

 [ Tina Treks ]


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