Wilson School Fete

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Wilson School Fete

Well we have had a minor break from updating these pages. The Wilson School Fete was a lot of fun and another good testing of Miss Struts. Six robots turned up, Daisy Chopper, Typhoon, Miss Struts, Mortis, Grunt, and the Mouse. During the day there was three demonstration of about five to ten minutes long. Each demonstration coming to an end when most of the robots failed due to reliability problems. The only robot to keep on going was the Mouse.

Miss Struts was okay after the first demonstration.

On the second a sensor mounting came loose and she stopped walking reliably, this was fixed with some double side foam and some minor adjustments to the sensor centring. Before the sensor became loose we knocked a old gas heater over and sat on it a few times, the audience seem to enjoy that!

On the third demonstration one of her legs got jammed and so she would only walk intermittently.

Our conclusions are using a hot glue gun for fixing the position sensors is unwise when the operating temperature of the finished product is high, as with Miss Struts.

Last week of July

Due various social events work on Miss Struts has been limited. But when we did, we got the big hammer out and a lot of pounding managed to dismantle the jammed leg. Yet again out with the file but to no-avail this time. After replacing some of the parts of the leg it is now good. We have also taken this opportunity to replace the bearing between the leg and the chassis with a new designed bearing, as the previous design keeps wearing out. Signs so far indicate the new design is going to be more robust.



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